Hey everyone, just made it to the forums. Picked up my first SI yesterday. Story time... So, I bought it from a small dealer (2007 SI). It had a TMU title (True Mileage Unknown). The odometer reads 15k, the dealer has no idea what happened, so I looked up the person who bought it new. Took me a couple of days, but i tracked her down, she had her car broken into and had her odometer taken out (i didn't know that was such an easy thing to remove), but anyway when it happened there was 50k miles on it (so she stated). Ownership went from the first owner roughly 50k miles, to the dealer + 15k miles. Total miles roughly 65k.

Fast forward a couple days to the day i purchased it from the dealer, he agreed to sell it to me as if it had 115k miles on it :). I don't know what everyone's experience is with TMU titles, but I feel I made out.

Anyway, one question I have before I post the picture (bone stock). There's a grinding, clunking sound when i turn hard right. The sounds speeds up the fast I go. I researched and found nothing that matches the description of the sound. I'm taking it to my mechanic monday, I just wanted to give him some ideas as to what it could be. Other than that, I love the car, drives fast, the DOHC kick in nicely, smooth turns, no other complaints!

Car will only be out for the summer, as i live in the north east.

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