05/20/08 05:53 PM
B18c1 with P72 vs P30 ECU

I just dropped in a B18c1 into my DX bubbleback.

I switched up the P72 ECU (that I just got with the GsR that seemed to pull from 6000-8000rpm) and tested out my old P30.

There was no difference!?!

Not only did the P30 seem to have just as much torque but the P30 still opened vtec @ 6000. When for years that ECU always pulled from 5500-8500.

Now I'm a bit confused!

So I have 2 questions;

1) Why would the engine not recognize the difference in ECU and engage vtec
@ 5500 like it would in my SiR.

2) How can I find out/ get my GsR secondary to engage?
(Because obviously my P72 isn't doing it.... or else I would have felt a low
end difference when I put my P30 in. Right?!?!?)

Keep in mind I have no engine light or codes.

Appreciate the input ~ D

05/22/08 03:07 PM
Re: B18c1 with P72 vs P30 ECU

I put the same question in a different forum on here and I got my answer.

My secondary had been cut.

Connected the wire and she goes pretty good!