08/07/11 12:38 AM
Anyone around Manhattan, JC, Ft. Riley???

Hey, I'm new here too. I'm stationed in Ft. Riley, KS. I arrived in July '10 then deployed 4 months later. Currently, I am in Iraq. I have 2 white EK9's sitting in Virginia Beach right now. Ill be bringing them over by the end of this year when I get back. Lately, I've been trying to find some shops close by but haven't found anything. Seems like everything is close by Kansas City which is 3hrs away. Ft. Riley is near Ogden, Junction City and Manhatten. Anyways, I plan on retuning the motors when I get back. Any suggestions on where to go or who to go to? How are the winters like? My cars are sitting pretty low on coilovers and heard I'll just be plowing snow when I drive. How is the car scene like too? I've been out a couple times and haven't really seen anything that catches my eye. Not a lot of Hondas done up frome what I remember when I left.

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08/08/11 09:26 PM
Re: Anyone around Manhattan, JC, Ft. Riley???

Godspeed and good luck on your return. There are a couple of JC, Riley guys around these boards. I think you'll find most everybody in the out there forum. As for shops, you want Revline Motors. The owner is Chuong and he's a moderator of the tech forum. He's a great guy, does great work and won't rip you off.

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08/18/11 12:46 AM
Re: Anyone around Manhattan, JC, Ft. Riley???

sexypants is another local dude but I think he is still deployed for a bit longer. I responded in the KC thread.